Planeta Zombilandia

planeta-zombilandia I have not yet bought this book, but it looks good! This is a Spanish version of a book originally written for an elementary ELL classroom. Here is the description of the original book: “A short and easy captivating mystery reader “Planet Zombieland” designed specifically for beginning English readers, ELD, Adult Ed. and Immersion Students. Incorporates the CCSS’s”. One customer review on Amazon states, “this is easily one of the best Spanish learning books I have ever read to my pupils”.

I will update this post when I get a copy! Click here to purchase on Amazon.

New books!

Although this blog is aimed at publicizing the work of indie authors (that is, independently published authors who are not listed with the major TPRS book publishers), there is no reason not to mention the newest books published at and TPRS Publishing. Click on the pictures to go straight to the description:

pobre ana moderna



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bb dice


La chica nueva by Jennifer Degenhardt

chica Taruka is the new girl at the high school in town. The story takes the reader through a year of high school that Taruka is not likely to forget. She makes friends and meets a boy, Cooper. Like Cooper and many of the students at the school Taruka is very involved in sports, so she gets along with her new classmates well. But issues arise with her newfound friendship with Cooper when their differences are highlighted by the adults in their lives.
This book is intended as a reader for students learning Spanish. While the story has a plot similar to the classic story of Romeo and Juliet or Tony and Maria, the vocabulary and grammar are simple and comprehensible even for those just beginning with Spanish. Click here or on the image to go to the author´s website.

Let´s not disappear

julieta-3More and more independent CI authors are releasing their novels into the wild. Many more teachers have novels that they have written but keep locked in their classrooms. Hopefully someday those novels will be released and, when that happens, I hope that they do not simply disappear into the muddy kettle of fish that is the internet. My intention is to create a single portal that tracks these new TPRS/CI novels written by independent authors.

Tell me if you independently publish a TPRS novel and I will feature it in a new blog post. Follow this blog (or my other blog, “My Generation of Polyglots”) and you will receive a notification whenever a new novel is published on an independent publishing platform. Easy, right?!